Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Barefoot Warriors

I saw "Conan"
Chris Walker wrestling in the Southeast briefly almost 20 years ago. He stands out in my memory both for his obviously stunning body, but also because he wrestled barefoot. Barefoot wrestling in a pro-ring is so incredibly sexy, I think. It's not that I'm into feet all that much (though feet can certainly be sexy in their own right), but there's something vulnerable, cocky, perhaps primal about wrestling barefoot. That was Walker's schtick for a while: the primitive barbarian warrior (around the time of Arnold's Conan movies)
Of course Kevin Von Erich was the prototypical barefoot hunk in the ring. Kevin's incredibly muscular legs and bare feet made him look both more graceful and menacing, I think. His bare feet accentuated his stunning legs, and I have to believe they enhanced his moves of walking the ropes, scissoring his opponents, and launching himself into the stratosphere to deliver standing drop kicks. Wrestling Arsenal, who seems to be a bit contemptuous of the Von Erichs, suggests that bare feet make jobbers look more vulnerable and ripe for a beating. But I think Kevin always looked fiercer and cockier, not to mention sexier, when wrestling barefoot.
I once found a Von Erich family website with loads of photos from their various wrestling careers and youth. There was one B&W photo of a teenage Kevin lying on his side on the ground, already ripped to shreds. He was shirtless, and he wore athletic shorts with the legs pulled up to show off his flexed thighs. His bare feet were laced together, and between his knees was a crushed watermelon. I'm SO bummed that I didn't save that pic. I also don't have a food fetish, but between the bare feet, the crushed watermelon, and young Kevin's rocking bod, I could just about reach an ecstatic state just thinking about it. Most of the matches in my wrestling fiction are fought barefoot both due to the fact that I don't find complicated gear sexy at all, but also because bare feet in the wrestling ring are a major turn on. If anyone still has that photo of Kevin and the watermelon, I'd shed a tear of joy to get a copy.

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