Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Local News

I'm on a hunt. A "man" hunt, if you will. Specifically, I'm in search of the hunks behind the local news desk. When I travel, I occasionally stumble across a handsome face and the hint of a hard body reporting the local traffic or listing the highlights of the day in local crime. Clearly the news is run like professional baseball, with bush-leaguers (usually with chiseled chins and broad shoulders) on rare occasions getting the call up to the big leagues. I remember seeing Rob Marciano smirking out the local weather in Portland, Oregon several years back (does a Portland weatherman need to be able to say much other than "It's going to rain?"). In a fantastic move, Rob was picked up by CNN, where his fan base has grown ever since.
Carter Evans is also a local boy who hasn't quite broken into the big leagues, but he's collecting his paycheck from CNN these days, non the less. He was in San Diego for a while, then on location all over L.A.. He has a gorgeously deviated septum, for which I've written my own backstory involving his face getting squeezed savagely between some other stud's muscled thighs. Like Rob, Carter has a quick wit and perpetual smirk that makes him translate well into a cocky character in my wrestling fiction.
Is David Ono still on the air in L.A.? Good God, if there was ever a mild-mannered reporter who I wanted to see rip open his shirt and reveal himself strapped into a spandex superhero outfit, it's David. I was so thrilled to find this pic of him finishing a triathlon, showing a couple of sweetly muscled, smooth thighs (and sweat... have I mentioned I really like me a sweaty hunk?).

I'm looking for some local news hunks who are ripe for an appearance in my wrestling fiction. Since I can't be everywhere at once, I'm hoping you'll help me out with some of your favorite local newsboys. Who's hot on the local scene, and who do you think would look good stripped down to trunks and tossed around in a wrestling ring?


  1. I love your News Division fights and the storyline. I especially like Rob and his righteous character. Look forward to seeing more!

  2. Hey, thanks! Those are some of the first matches I wrote. Since then, Chris Cuomo's shirtless fishing trip pics have come out, so I'm aching to get him back in a tussle. I think I've picked someone out for him to throw down with.



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