Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Side of Wrestling

Gaymentube at Youtube has posted another short clip from a video with massive bodybuilders wrestling (sort of). At $30 a month, I'm still not convinced of the cost/benefit ratio of a membership with Musclehunks, but like the last clip, this one certainly grabs my attention.
Dude in black shorts is a brick.... house. His abs are cut like crystal, and that bubble butt, narrow waist, and thickly muscled back is blowing my mind. Those thighs look like they could bend steel... and if they can, I'd definitely pay to see that. His stunning opponent is nothing less than a musclegod in his own right, but in this match even his bod is astonishingly outclassed.
Like the last Musclehunk wrestling vid I commented about, one of the charms of this clip is that these guys seem to be actually enjoying themselves. Lot's of laughter and smiles make me think that rolling around and grabbing each other's ass is not an arduous task for either of these beautiful young men.
Unlike the last clip, these guys don't really seem to be throwing each other around. More rolling and mock strikes than actually seeing their gorgeous muscles being seriously engaged. I don't mind a playful, frat room-style romp at all. Even without aggro, a couple of stunning bodies tossing one another around and enjoying themselves is totally worthwhile. In this short clip, it doesn't look like they're actually tossing, though.

One of you homoerotic wrestling connoissers with more disposable income than I have need to give me heads up. Does Musclehunks have enough wrestling as a side dish to make it worth my pennies? What video does this match up come from?

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