Thursday, October 1, 2009

Boys with Balls

I've received a few requests from readers of my celebrity wrestling fiction to add sports stars into the matches. While it's true I don't particularly follow most sports, I'm not as sports-illiterate as some gay men I know (though "icing" in hockey still bewilders me). I even enjoy taking in some of the action, particularly when it's live (going to the ballpark is awesome... watching on TV is not). Still, I've had to do some research to find who in sports today needs to be body slammed, and who in sports needs to do the slamming.

I found that Towleroad has a very, very nice running feature called "Sportraits" that displays some of the prime beef in sports entertainment. If not for this search for talent to write up in the wrestling ring, I'd NEVER have discovered the fantastic torso of NASCAR driver Carl Edwards. I believe I detect a little airbrushing, but Carl's beautiful body is still just aching to get tortured in a camel clutch, don't you think?
And then there's rugby boy Ben Cohen. The fact that Ben apparently has body issues is endearing - completely ridiculous and a tragic indictment of society, but endearing . In my mind, Ben's prime for pile driving some cocky muscle-head hardbody in the middle of the ring.
And though he's retired now, a reader put me on to the beauty that is soccer/footballer Hidetoshi Nakata. I've got a whole slate of soccer boys just aching to mix it up in the Producer's Ring (Freddie Ljungberg and David Beckham have already posted a match). I'm already picturing Hidetoshi and some great, crippling arial work.
Finally, I am summoning a supreme act of self restraint not to make lewd comments about the stunning beauty of Brendon Ayanbadejo.
My self-restraint is in honor of the Baltimore Ravens football player's outspoken support of human rights protections for the gays. I'll keep him out of the fictional wrestling ring so that he'll have more time to wax philosophical about the role of religion and human rights in a capitalist democracy. A man with fantastic lips, gorgeous body, classy ink, and he's both politically reflective and articulate!? ... restraining myself.... restraining myself....
I probably won't start following many more sports any more closely. But I can't wait to get some of these sports studs introduced to my homoerotic wrestling fetishist imagination.

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  1. Thanks for the post. Athletes bodies are practically made for sports like wrestling imo.



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