Monday, October 19, 2009

Crushworthy, Captivating Calves

I'm getting fixated again. Sorry. Sometimes, in some seasons, body parts just call to me. Sometimes it's pecs. I've had infatuations with asses. These days it's legs, and in particular, calves.
I could feel the calf obsession rising when I wrote a fantasy BG East wrestling match, in which bodybuilder Tyrell Tomsen worships his own flexing hardbody in the mirror, culminating in rolling up to the ball of one foot and flexing out his defined calf muscle. Mmmm...
So now, of course, everywhere I turn I'm captured (if only) by gorgeous legs and stunning calves. These off season pics of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, in all his stunningly vascular glory, explain why he's due to make an appearance in my wrestling fiction. Sweet God, just the idea of those legs scissoring someone makes me a little light headed. I'd insure those works of art for $130 million, too!
I haven't seen the match yet, but BG East's new release of BG's Bad Boys looks like it starts with a pose off between Aryx Quinn and stunning newcomer, Rio Garza. If it's a competition, Aryx's look bigger and Rio's look more beautiful. But it's a win-win for me, any way you look at it.
I think well-muscled calves are particularly hot because it takes someone who really loves their body (or who naturally does a lot of sprints) to really pump out rock hard, massive calves. A lot of posers, even some bodybuilders, are huge all over, but still have skinny calves. Clearly genetics plays a big role, but someone with big, round, angular calves bears the evidence of more than a little narcissism. It takes cockiness, intense self-consciousness, and above all, focused effort to craft beautifully muscled calves. And these days, I'm smitten.

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