Friday, October 2, 2009

An Instant Classic

This is my 100th post! On this auspicious occasion, I thought long and hard about how to celebrate this milestone. I decided to return once again to one of my favorite topics: the wonder that is Mitch Colby.
Mitch appeared on the scene at BG East only about 3 years ago, but it feels like I've been adoring him for much longer than that. He's listed at 6'2" and 206 pounds, and his bodybuilding site suggests that he perfected that fine form fairly recently, reminding us all that it's never too late to get fit. I think what first caught my attention about Mitch was, in part, his age. He's certainly not ready to collect social security, but he's also not quite one of the countless just-finished-puberty boys that fill the ranks of the homoerotic wrestling genre. I love those captured moments when Mitch's younger opponents (like Alexi, here) are clearly checking out his stunning body, despite themselves.
As I've mentioned, another fantastically attractive quality to Mitch is the speed with which he becomes completely soaked in sweat. He's working hard against his opponents (and for us), and it shows.
Mitch suffers nicely. He sells his character as the bodybeautiful narcissist whose cockiness sometimes gets him in over his head. At 6'2", Mitch shows some great ability (and readiness) to be twisted and lifted and thrown. His dismantling by the much smaller hardbody badboy Cole Cassidy is that much more stunning for the size differential.
Mitch continues to evolve in his salesmanship in dishing out punishment. He gave nearly as well as he took against Cole. This scene of Cole suffering in Mitch's prolonged bearhug is an awesome display of Mitch's beautifully muscled back and Cole displays the exact same face I make often when I'm thinking about Mitch!
His most recent bit with Derek da Silva showed Mitch exploring a new range that is very, very promising. I'm hoping someone will please smack him (hard) when the loses his concentration and looks into the camera, as he often does (Brad Rochelle needs to give Mitch "a lesson" in this, among other things). But it is a thing of beauty to see Mitch trap his opponent's head between his legs, face to crotch, and squeeze those muscled thighs. Mitch seems genuinely transported into an ecstatic reverie in those moments, entirely present, and him getting turned on is a very hot turn on to watch.
Mitch seems to be venturing more into hardcore, and frankly I'll only follow him so far down that path. But whenever he signs up for another wrestling match, particularly one which devolves from competitive passion to erotic passion, I'm there.

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  1. Although I have yet to watch his newer matches, I think Mitch Colby vs Cole Cassidy match is a classic.



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