Sunday, October 4, 2009

Of Age

I know that I'll probably burn in hell for this (oh, let me count the ways...), but this, one of the first matches of Young David (aka, Davey Boy Smith), is hot. It's a little bizarre to superimpose the figure of the man that he would eventually become in the WWF, but despite looking like a skinny kid, you can still tell that even "just out of puberty," Davey had a very nice foundation upon which to build a rock hard body. There was some tipping point in his career at which he went from a body beautiful to a bit of a cartoon character (in my opinion), losing sight of much definition in the interest of bulk. But back at the start of his career, he was wiry, lanky, tall, and very agile. His shoulders and arms have outdistanced his long, skinny legs at this point, but he's already looking a little more like a hunk than a twink, despite the spindly uprights.
The story line of the match is that Davey had nearly upset classic heel Jim Breaks in a prior match, and he was back to take a title shot at the champ. Jim, in his bumblebee outfit, was ALWAYS the consummate heel, as evidenced by the immediate jeers from the crowd at get-go. This was classic good guy vs. bad guy, handsome young hero vs. "ugly" (yet hot) older villain, strength and bravery vs. guile and deceit. Davey is fast and astonishingly agile, and in his baby blue onesy outfit, he totally turns my crank.
In part 4, there's a jaw dropping hip toss (04:28) that sends the long, lanky Davey Boy flying entirely across the ring and landing on his arm still in it's hammerlocked position behind his back (yep, I borrowed that idea for my celebrity wrestling fiction). Holy shit, that looks really dangerous (and is off the charts hot!).

I'm really (really, really) not into underage guys. Without some legitimately mature meat and at least the valid need to shave, they just don't get my motor running (I'm not just being PC). But Young David here just tips the scale, and I'm left looking over my shoulder a little anxiously every now and then as I watch him, enthralled, entranced, and, truth be told, aroused.

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