Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Workout Ink

Yesterday was another wonderful day of beautiful men crossing my path left and right. This video (which I found thanks to Tattoo Hunks... more from inked beauty Billy) inspires me to celebrate the beauty of some of the very fine men I saw at the gym...
While I did not catch sight of as much stunning ink on such hot, round biceps as Billy's, there was the 5'10" pale stud with long curly blond hair. I'm sure he caught my double take when he walked by me in the locker room. I'm guessing he played football in high school, but he's too small for the college team, so he just does bodybuilding now. His massively mounded shoulders and beautifully round, full pecs made me smile. But he didn't see my jaw drop when he walked by, with that towel wrapped around his narrow waist and bubble butt, and I caught sight of the letter "B" tattooed on his right shoulder blade. Truly fantastic. I don't know if it was his high school logo, but it only goes to show that he's got a fantastic canvas crying out for more ink.
Sadly I didn't see this hot swimmer stud, but very happily I did take a long gander at the 5'5" young Latino guy with dark, hairy legs in the pool . He has a sweet, slender bod with thick legs and a strong (not huge) chest, but watching that stroke, it was clear he didn't hone that body as a competitive swimmer. Soccer, perhaps? In any case, the large red and orange phoenix tattooed completely across his right pec is truly a work of art. I hope he didn't mind me staring at his chest. If so, well... why did he get that fantastic tat there?
Although I didn't get to see this very serious looking lifter, I did enjoy the even more stunning view of a 6' or so dark Italian hovering around the locker room in black boxer briefs. I had to make several laps around the locker room to have an excuse to examine both the hard bod and the gorgeous ink climbing up his hip to his rib cage, then continued on the outside of his arm, up to his shoulder. It was one, long, abstract vine. Simply beautiful. I forgive him in advance for probably referring to it as a "tribal" design despite almost certainly belonging to no tribe in particular. Let's just say it's art, and his already beautiful body is that much more a fantastic work of art for it.
I actually do swim and work out at the gym. Really, I do. I don't spend the whole time stalking the body beautifuls. But when stunningly fit men walk around me half naked sporting inspired ink, swimming, flexing, strutting... well, let's just say that I enjoy all the perks of my gym membership.

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