Friday, October 9, 2009

Yes, But No

Jon Stewart poked fun at Chris Cuomo for the mis-statement of "Sarah Palin's" new book, Going Rogue. Johnny Wright at Yesbutnobutyes includes the clip and makes sarcastic comments at Chris' expense, stating that Chris can't read. Frankly, I'm not above poking some fun at Chris. I've rolled my eyes at his performance on GMA myself. But in this case, I must paraphrase Ellen Ripley when I say, "Get away from him, you bitches!"
Jon Stewart failed to show the whole clip, and Johnny Wright clearly didn't care to do any actual fact-checking. As I worship at Chris' feet every morning, I saw this gaff with my own two adoring eyes when it happened. And Chris immediately (and understandably defensively) showed his copy to Diane Sawyer who CONFIRMED that Chris read his copy as it was written! The gaff was the script writer's, not the drop-dead gorgeous hunk of a man news reader who graduated from Yale! He didn't "try to read the word rogue." He correctly read the word "rouge."
Now I must pick Johnny Wright up in my mechanical dock loader and blow his ass out the airlock (just like Ellen Ripley did to the wretched Alien at the end of Aliens).

I've got your back, Chris.

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