Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Side of Wrestling

FetishHunks had several free clips from their wrestling vids up on YouTube until just a few days ago. Their account was cancelled all together, so I'm suspecting Big Brother may be involved. You can still see some clips on their webpage (click on some of the matches in the store and you'll see a free preview - same as were up on YouTube). This is wrestling as a side dish, without a doubt. A little story and a lot of commitment give these guys some sweet credibility, I think.
Pornboy Nick Harmon seems to be the muscle dude behind the madness on FetishHunks. He's also the most frequent protagonist showing up in their wrestling sides. He's a sincere little studpuppy with a hot muclebod. He also makes several appearance in their Muscle Worship department (and Shaving, and Ass Play, and...), and that very round ass of his is a tasty morsel (decent ink, too).
In their wrestling sides, there's a lot of script showing, but there also frequently appears to be a bit of legitimately throwing each other around. Even in the public pics there are some hard cocks on display, so at least some of these guys get down to business.
My number one turn off with FetishHunks (apart from the snuff-film crap) is the occasional site of XX chromosomes. The view between the legs of a spread-eagled woman is NOT what I want to see when I'm browsing for some turn-on material. Oy. Talk about buzzkill. Frankly, though, that's what you get with homoerotic wrestling as a side dish: our wrestling side by side with someone else's kink. So no harm, no foul. Just be forewarned.

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