Wednesday, November 4, 2009

For Love of Zombies

Perhaps more in keeping with Halloween, I just came across the
trailer and website for L.A. Zombie. This is so much hipper than I am, but I'm fascinated and therefore must comment. L.A. Zombie is a film by Bruce LaBruce wedding zombies and gay porn. Prolific pornboy, Francois Sagat stars, and the trailers and promo pics show him in various states of either becoming the undead or transforming from the undead to alive, or both, in changing states of undress.
I'm finding this so provocative! I can honestly say I've never thought of zombies or zombie movies as a turn-on before. While I'm not at all into necrophilia, Sagat's decomposing (yet unmistakably rocking) body turns my crank. I'm all confused and trying to decide if I should feel ashamed of lusting after a homicidal animated corpse... clearly this is art.
The website includes promo pics depicting some of the porn scenes (only hinted at in the YouTube trailer). A zombie getting a blow job just makes me tilt my head a little, wrinkle my brow, and grin sideways. What does it say about me that I see the equine cock of a muscleboy with gangrene skin and tusks protruding from his bloody mouth and I think, "I'd do that!"

I'm fairly deeply disturbed and pretty significantly titillated at the same time. Bruce LaBruce: you are an artist. And Francois Sagat: I'll pick you up on the side of the road, dead or alive!

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