Monday, November 30, 2009

Fresh Meat

For a television program about a gruesome serial killer, Dexter is awfully modest with skin. As I've complained about before, the prime beef in this show, Michael C. Hall, remains encased in clothing. Barely a shirtless shot this season, in fact. Fortunately, Dexter's kill-gear includes a skin tight shirt that hugs his pumped, round pecs and highlights his sweet torso. An occasional shot of Michael walking away offers the promise of tight pants hugging that astonishingly perky bubble butt. But the potential for gratification is so much greater than the realization.
This season, another object of lust has joined the cast. Brando Eaton's storyline looks destined to disappear by the end of the season, but in the meantime, Brando is looking stunning. He's playing 17, but the actor is, in fact, 23, so I'm absolving myself of any guilt for lusting after his beautiful, tanned, gorgeously muscled body. We've seen even less skin from Brando than Michael, but what we have seen shows deeply creased pecs with nipples struggling to bust free, broad, squared shoulders and beautifully shaped, muscular arms. More, please!
Brando knows what he's bringing to the table, clearly. Shirtless shots of the gym bunny are to be found, and the man meat is raw and juicy. I'm a little obsessed with obliques these days, so Brandon is tweaking my every craving. Superherofan has some captures of Brando in a shower scene from a movie bomb earlier this year. There's even a glimpse of the top of his sweet cheeks.
It's not just my wishful thinking when I say that there's sexual tension between Michael and Brando's characters. And Brando's character has every potential to be as psychologically twisted as Michael's. I'm smelling a Bruce-Wayne's-youthful-ward storyline just aching to bust out, with Michael taking young Brando under his wing. There would have to be a well-rounded education involved, including lessons in the fine art of body worship and man-on-man sexual gratification. Hmmm, I think my imagination may be taking me a bit far afield from the actual plot of Dexter. But seriously, wouldn't you prefer to see my storyline!? Whatever happens on Dexter, we MUST see more (literally) of beautiful Brando.

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