Thursday, November 5, 2009

Help Wanted

Someone help me out. I'm awed by the bodies on display in this clip of
Lindy Caulder vs. Mike Allen via ageless1 on YouTube. Mike Allen and his muscled arms, shaggy head of hair, scruffy face, and just the right amount of body hair is a hot little package (especially with those classic trunks pulled up to his bellybutton).
But my eyes pop out at the sight of Brit wrestler Lindy Caulder (and here's where I need help). I can't find anything else on this gorgeous musclegod other than some old card results from the 60's. In this match, Lindy Caulder is right up my alley. Holy hell, look at the thickness of that back!
The clip is pretty poor quality, so I can't snag any grabs of his stunning frontside that do him justice. But even poor quality grabs provide abundant evidence of the massive, round pecs, astonishingly pumped arms and thin little waist on this bodybeautiful.
The commentary on this match pisses me off. At least half the match, the commentators ignore the sweet action in the ring. Personally, I'd like to have seen Caulder hop out of the ring and bodyslam both of them to the cement for being so disrespectful. A seriously built bodybuilder who can move with such grace and speed in the ring is truly a wonder. That shaved, lickable head is way ahead of the curve, and the stash (the only bodyhair visible) is hot! I want more Lindy Caulder! Help me!

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