Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Little More of This, A Little Less of That

Mitch Colby seems to have been laying low lately. I hope it isn't because I promoted Derek Da Silva ahead of him the line of my pornboy crushes. Perhaps his comments on his page at BigMuscle shed some light. In addition to some sweet photos of Mitch I haven't seen elsewhere (including some naked and hard pics), Mitch shares some thoughts about his history and recent dabbling in the world of porn.
Mitch's autobiographical narrative, including his mid-life commitment to get in shape (coinciding with his entry into homoerotic wrestling) is very, very sweet. I suspect he was a hot piece of meat before he lost thirty pounds, but his new body is thoroughly worship-worthy and deserving of all the credit in the world.
Mitch gives us some true confessions, including his decision to dip into hard core and his more recent decision that that scene isn't for him. I'm thrilled that he's still willing to fuel my kink though, and he's leaving open the possibility of more homoerotic wrestling products (nice to see some new wrestling work from him on NakedKombat). I'm hoping that Mitch's boundaries still include the opportunity to see his physical dominance of opponents that melts into post-victory worship and lust (a la Crotch Crushers and Motel Madness 8). Make them suffer, Mitch! Then make them yours. My credit card is in hand, in anticipation.
Mitch's autobiographical confessions on BigMuscle are just so adorable and vulnerable. He's making a resurgence in the competition for my lustful affections. Derek's citation of this blog from Twitter still gives him a narrow advantage, but Mitch is coming on strong (and gorgeous, and sweet, and hot as hell).

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