Friday, November 6, 2009

...Why Don't You Love Me?

I've lusted after
David Duchovny ever since Fox Mulder sulked into my heart in the very first season of X-Files. I was so excited that David was coming back to TV when Californication launched a couple of years ago. I watched the first season, despite the many XX chromosomes over-exposed all over the place and graphic talk about the simulated sex acts with women that really, really (really) doesn't interest me. Still, David's naked body frequently on display was enough to keep me tuning in.
The second season totally turned me off. How completely depressing and unsympathetic can a character be before even David Duchovny's naked body can't keep me interested? Answer: really, really depressing and unsympathetic.

That said, I'm tentatively tuning back in for season 3, and I'm not so depressed quite so quickly. And David's stint in "rehab" (a.k.a. his wife screaming at him for three months straight for fucking around all over the place) has turned out an even beefier studpuppy (check out these abs captured by superherofan!)
Now, can we introduce David to Michael C. Hall? Michael desperately needs to take some lessons in the art of satisfying the lustful gaze, and a fellow Showtime buddy like David is surely the man for the job. I WANT to see this shot of Dexter. Now.


  1. Bummer, I watched Season 1 using Netflix “on demand” and liked it, though whats with the daughter’s hair?…. I am hard pressed to believe that she is actually 12, and I get this Ellen Pagesqe in Hard Candy vibe from her character which I find particularly disturbing every time she does a scene with her dad, given his proclivities....but that’s another matter.

    What I principally liked in the first episodes was the quick wit exhibited by Duchovny’s character, it flowed so seamlessly that you almost believed he ad libed it. As the season went on this dialog and banter wasn’t as sharp, but I kept clicking next episode until the whole season had been viewed.

    Thinking now that I will not bother with Season 2, though if I have time on my hands, and I generally do, and it is available on Netflix....

  2. Season 2 turned me off quickly. Perhaps it picked up after I gave up on it. So if you do check it out, let me know what you think.

    I agree with you that there's something creepy about the daughter side by side with Duchovny's storyline of screwing underage girls. I also agree that the dialogue is tight in the first season, though I must say David's skin shots are what kept me tuning in...



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