Monday, December 7, 2009

Bodies Over Time

I grew disenchanted with mainstream pro wrestling a while ago.  I don't even remember any longer what the precipitating event was.  It was some over the top homophobic moment that just disgusted me, and disgust is not (for me) sexy.  Without the sexy in pro wrestling, there really isn't anything else that I'm interested in there.
Well, almost nothing else.  I've seen Randy Orton in action just a couple of times.  In motion, he didn't really ring my bell.  But seeing stills of him, particularly over time as his ink is growing, is undeniably pleasurable.

When he only had a partial band on his left bicep and a right shoulder tat, he was pretty.  Pretty can go either way for me, but generally it leaves me luke warm, right in the middle.
Adding some forearm ink and starting work across his back, and my engine starts running.  There's something intensely sexual about a well-muscled man with his arms folded across his sternum and his massive pecs squeezed together.  Add to that some nice forearm ink across those thick muscles, and things are starting to get steamy for me.
But once Randy puts on sleeves that tie together everything across both arms and his upper back, and I'm fully at attention!  No longer so much pretty, Randy is transforming his body into stunning beauty for my tastes.  Good ink tweaks my oral fixation, and today Randy is nothing if not lickable.  I'm still not making mainstream pro destination TV, but I will always be a fan of gorgeous ink on a beautifully beasty boy.

Of course, I'll be the first to admit that there are times when less is more.

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