Monday, December 21, 2009

Giving and Receiving

Do I still have time to submit my wish list? I'd be happy to find that Santa left
Chris Geary's fellow go-go boy lover, Erick, under my tree. Well, any nearly-to-entirely naked, tattooed hunk ready to get slammed, squeezed and submitted before being worshipped under the mistletoe would do.
I'm playing Santa these magical days between the solstice and the big day. I got the message from several naughty boys that they're waiting for some new wrestling stories to be delivered. I have several just about ready to be wrapped in big red bows and dropped down the chimney. I haven't had time to work on more than one at a time for a while, but for the holidays, I've been putting in some extra work in Santa's workshop to pump out four in a row.
But back to me and my wish list. I sat on Santa's lap a few days ago ("is that a lump of coal in your pocket, Santa, or are you just happy to see me?"). I whispered into his ear my heart's desire for some of Santa's helpers to send me what I really want for Christmas: some homoerotic wrestling stories from my fellow kinksters. In the past nine months, I've posted more than sixty stories from the depths of my wrestling fetish, sharing with you some of my twisted imagination. What I'd like for Christmas this year is a little glimpse into your twisted imagination. I'm hoping, wishing, longing for Santa to deliver me some kinky wrestling fiction from you fellow lovers of the homoerotic wrestling arts to share with the dozens of fans of wrestling fiction, first and foremost: me.
I know I've been naughty this year. So I'm looking for the type of well-muscled, big chested, shirtless Santa that likes to reward naughty gay boys with their hearts' desires. I'll be posting my first new wrestling match in Sidelineland this afternoon to help keep you warm on the longest night of the year (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere). Then I'm going to curl up in front of my tree and fall asleep, in the hopes of finding some presents waiting for me when I wake up.

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