Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Apologize, Tahmoh

I'm not pulling my weight. I feel bad about it. I haven't seen even one episode of
Dollhouse, despite being a loyal Joss Whedon fan, a sci-fi nerd, and madly in love with Tahmoh Penikett. Now that the show is being cancelled, I feel like I've squandered my market citizenship by failing to reward Dollhouse with my viewership. I'm sorry, and I'm prepared to make it up to Tahmoh in ANY way that he might like (I have ideas in mind in case he's needs them).
One of my first wrestling fiction matches pitted Tahmoh and his stunningly square jaw against muscleboy Jamie Bamber. I wondered which one of them might win a pro-style match if they were battling for a role in the next big series following the end of Battlestar Gallactica. In the spirit of pro-wrestling's penchant for turning singles adversaries into tag team partners, I've been contemplating teaming the two of them up for a return appearance in the Producer's Ring. I'm still trying to decide who they might battle (any suggestions?).
Having failed Joss, sci-fi, and Tahmoh, I hereby promise that whatever their next projects are, I'll faithfully follow them. Particularly if it involves Tahmoh showing a lot of skin. From the captures of Dollhouse that Superherofan has posted, I suspect I'll be checking the series out in DVD and kicking myself even harder for not supporting the effort sooner.

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