Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ready to Go

mentioned before that Bollywood both baffles and entrances me. I don't quite get the line that they walk in Bollywood flicks. Richard Gere can nearly be imprisoned for (sort of) kissing a woman in public, but hot (hot, hot, hot) Indian actors get oiled up and stripped nearly naked, and it's A-OK.
However that makes sense to their primary audience, it's most certainly A-OK with me! Capped, who continues to teach me about all the movie skin that I missed, recently posted some nice caps of Gautam Gupta in Go. I haven't seen the movie yet, but it's now, most definitely, on my list. I can't take my eyes off of Gautam's nipples. At this very moment I can't help myself but reach toward the computer screen longingly.
I've dabbled with the idea of writing some Bollywood hardbodies into my wrestling fiction, but I haven't found the angle yet to make a story. Gautam and John Abraham and all the beautiful boys of Bollywood certainly have the equipment to star in my worshipful imagination.

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