Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year in Review - Favorite Moment #1

The highlight of my 2009 blogging journey had to be that moment on Monday evening, October 19, when
Derek Da Silva twitted the link to this blog and commended it for the nice description of some of his wrestling work. I was star struck. A gorgeous pornboy with an incredible back tattoo commended my blog.
The brush with fame was enough to unseat my prior pornboy wrestling favorite, Mitch Colby, from his throne atop my lustful adoration. I've been entranced by Mitch for the past couple of years, but his work lately has grown more explicitly homoerotic and pornographic, and I've been totally along for the ride. His first full frontal and liplocks for BG East made me take a double take. His spread eagle pics via Muscle Adonis once again caught my full attention (despite the poor photography), and his head-to-head (claw-to-ball) mat action with Derek in Crotch Crushers 1 sealed the deal in my mind. Just as Mitch conquered Derek in a sweat soaked embrace, so he laid claim to my loyalties and my fan-favorite status.
But then Derek went and twitted, and he grabbed the crown from Mitch's head. The mention of Derek's interest in post structuralism in one of his bios put it over the top for me, really. A masochistic, tattooed, muscle-head, pornboy into both sweaty ball abuse and post structuralism? Clearly this was meant to be: me and Derek exchanging bearhugs before I capture him in my body scissors, propped up on one elbow, reading Foucault to him as he groans in pain (a boy can dream!).
As regular readers know, Mitch's Wrestler Spotlight release from BG East just last month heated up the competition for my fan favorite status once more. Mitch's match against Peter Stallion was not my cup of tea. His emission-submission from Marc Rion was a delight that definitely earned him serious points. But his sweat soaked grunt-fest with BG East veteran Patrick Donovan was the kicker that made Mitch leap frog over Derek and back into the number one spot in my lustful affections.
Just within the past couple of weeks, Derek's Christmas video has made me laugh my ass off (he lights his tree using the crank electrodes that have been attached to his testicles), meaning he's pushing hard at overcoming Mitch once more. A sick sense of humor is an incredible turn on! I've written a couple of fantasy matches with Mitch and Derek teamed together to deliver some humiliating abuse to unsuspecting pretty boys. I realize that BG East really doesn't do re-matches (as far as I can tell), but I'm aching deep, deep down for another bout between Mitch and Derek, in order to give Derek another shot at claiming the title of my favorite homoerotic pornboy wrestler. I'm picturing something in the ring this time, with lots of work in the ropes (like I said, I can dream!).
So here's my New Year's toast to Mitch and Derek, grappling together in a sweat-soaked embrace, and here's to hoping to get another chance to see the two of them battle it out to decide who will end up on top in 2010. More importantly here's a New Year's toast to you: may the stroke of midnight find you locked in a sweaty, full contact erotic combat, perhaps having the breath squeezed out of you (or you doing the squeezing, whichever you're in the mood for), and may all your wrestling fantasies come true in 2010! Happy New Year!

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