Monday, December 28, 2009

Year in Review - Favorite Moment #4

As 2009 coasts to a close, I'm looking back at the distance I've covered this year. Just between you and me, I'm happy with life. I'm surrounded by love and friendship. I'm still employed and have health insurance. And I'm oddly proud of this bizarre discipline I began this year, to write a daily blog centering around my fixation with beautiful men, wrestling, and all things (well most things) gay.
For the final four days of this year, I'm counting down my top four favorite moments in blogging. This is entirely an ego trip. It's all about me, reflecting on me, and casting my sole vote for what happened to me that I find most memorable. I realize how egotistical this exercise is. Feel free to comment on your own favorite 2009 moments (yours or mine) if you'd like.
Now, back to me. My fourth most-favorite moment in blogging this year is my capture of Chris Cuomo getting soaked in a dunking booth way, way back in May. The video of this GMA episode is no longer live, and I haven't seen this cap anywhere else. So it's become a cherished treasure of mine. I wonder if Chris had known then that he'd be passed over for a promotion behind George Stephapoulos before the year was out, if he'd have been so game to take Robin Roberts place in the dunking booth and show off his rippled abs. Probably... he's such a Boy Scout.
Of course, the year-in-Chris has been full of heart wrenching drama that confirms Chris as a most memorable character for 2009 overall. His shirtless deep-sea fishing pics are, undoubtedly, the high point of the arc of the story of Chris in 2009.
Sadly, the low point was surely Chris' announcement that he was abandoning me in the mornings and leaving GMA. I'm still bitter and a little weepy, but I'm getting over it. Matt Lauer has not filled the hole left by Chris' absence. But, in addition to my fictional wrestling match in which Chris utterly destroys his competition in hot and sweaty action, I'm also left with an unflinching faith in the mass media to pick out some new eye candy to earn my loyal viewership before long. Like death and taxes, sex in the morning is a certainty. So my first New Year's toast is to Chris Cuomo, soaking wet and/or shirtless, and to the masterminds of network news who are even now, I'm certain, auditioning gorgeous hunks to spice up my morning routine anew. Ching-ching...

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