Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Side of Wrestling

I can't attest to really anything about other than the previews and non-member site. It appears to be, primarily, a jack-off site with a lot of straight British boys pleasuring themselves or having help from a woman. Trying to capitalize on our little corner of the gay porn kink world, they have previews of two wrestling matches out.
Apparent headliner, Britboy aka Steve, looks familiar to me. I'm thinking I've seen him, perhaps as one of the endless line of go-go boys featured by Chris Geary. When I have time I will likely dig some more to see if I can find him elsewhere. He's stunning, and he's featured in the two wrestling matches available for preview. He's hotter by a factor of 20 with a hairy torso than smooth, but I'll take what I can get.
The clip from his tussle against a tattooed boy in the briefest of speedos looks entertaining. I get the impression we're watching two testosterone-charged pretty boys genuinely testing their muscles, speed and endurance against one another. Some occasional gimmicks pop up, like a little less than convincing test of strength, and the final victory pose is transparently scripted. Other than that, some nice grunting, tossing, and dominating.
The setting is a little reminiscent of BG East's early Private Bouts rompus room. Very little geography to work with, and some exercise equipment must be carefully avoided. I'd generally give it a weak score for set up, except that this sort of tells a hot story. These are two muscle studs at the gym late one night, clearing away the equipment, laying down some mats, and stripping to their speedos to see who can come out on top.
Although Britboy is the headliner and muscle face, the boy in green wins me over (as he does Britboy). At first, his haircut is distracting me. He looks like he just rolled out of bed and took some scissors haphazardly to his own head. But once he mounts Britboy and handily controls the muscle stud underneath him, I find myself warming up to him. Once he climbs on top to snarl and growl while flexing out a double bicep victory pose post-match, I definitely want to see more of him owning Britboy. The rest of the products at JuicyLads don't really speak to me (straight guys jerking or getting sucked by women just doesn't do it). So I don't imagine this wrestling as a side dish is enough to get me to pull out my credit card. But the side of wrestling is tantalizing, and I'll keep my eye on the menu in the future.

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