Friday, January 1, 2010

Cleaning House

I'm feeling fresh and hopeful this New Year's Day. The future is a clean slate, and I'm ready to start writing my story for 2010. So I think I'll spend the day cleaning house, both literally and figuratively. I'm going to scrub the bathroom, polish the living room, and make the kitchen shine. I'm not often in this mood, so I need to capitalize on it when I am.
I'm hoping for a Cleaning Hunk like Arthur Napiontek or Greg Plitt to show up and lend a hand. If they both come, screw the cleaning. I'm clearing the furniture out of the living room, and there's going to be a wrestling match. And don't tell Greg, but Art and I are going to double-team his ass, and someone's getting tied up for a very long, four-fisted gutpunching session.
Anyway, while I've got the cleaning bug, I think I'll also spend some time freshening up the blog. I'm not planning anything too major; just clean out some pointless labels, perhaps put together a new masthead - just make things look fresh and clean to start the year. So if you click through and things look a little different tomorrow, never fear. It'll be the same homoerotic, hot hunk, wrestling kink site. It'll just have a fresh coat of paint, and the furniture may be rearranged just a little.


  1. I hope Art and Greg show up before you're ass deep in Pinesol. Happy New Year, friend. Your blog was one of the great finds of 2009! Joe

  2. Thanks, Bard, for a terrific site throughout 2009. I' a big fan of hot indy pro wrestlers, and your mix of topics turns me on again and again. Please know that "we" your fans are out there, getting quite a turnon over and over again from your efforts.
    Happy New Year, man.
    Brad from Minneapolis



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