Friday, January 22, 2010


This man needs your help. No, it's not help taking his underwear off the rest of the way (tragically). This is James Dawson Martin, a Brit boy who's shown off his body and development of his stunning form all over the internet.
There we go again. I see a cleft chin and suddenly I must obey the pouty lipped muscle god attached to it. James released this YouTube video a couple of days ago... sort of (I think he just recycled another video). He's calling for fans to vote for him to be the 2010 BodySpace spokesmodel.

Holy... shit. I apologize for offending the delicate sensibilities of so many of you, but I can't think of anything else to say when I start talking about James' body. I'm a vascularity junkie, as you probably have picked up. To this junkie, James' legs are straight up crack. Oiled up, pumped up, and legs spread...
must obey James... must vote for James... James is my master...
Okay, I'm on board, and I've elected myself the homerotic wrestling kink chairperson of the James Dawson Martin campaign for the 2010 BodySpace spokesmodel title. A few hundred unique visitors check out this blog daily, so I'm thinking if each of us vote for James and also recruit three people to join us, the gay wrestling kink caucus can generate a couple thousand votes for him easily. So put on your "I ♡JDM" buttons, and go to today! It has to be today, because voting is open for only 24 hours. This is not the time to be fashionably late, boys. James needs us between 9:00 am Pacific Standard Time on Friday and 9:00 am PST on Saturday to vote for him. It took me a while to scroll through the mere mortals competing against him ("Envied Body," indeed?), but you'll find him listed as "Jammer Jay." James hasn't yet won a previous round of voting, which is atrocious. He could crush eman88mph like a grape with his 17.2" arms and 44" chest. Did I mention he's 6'3" tall? Holy shit (oh wait, I already said that).
James has his own website. Not surprisingly, you need to pay to see much of the goods. You can find him on YouTube working out and loving the camera. But the key is that today, Friday January 21, 2010, James needs you to find him on, in order for him to be able to rise above the dross and shine like the gold plated muscle god he clearly is. This muscle god needs you. I'm thinking if we put him over the top, he owes us a throw down in the ring with my current champion homoerotic wrestler.


  1. Alright, Eightpak is in the lead, and he's making a serious claim to muscle god status. James is in 2nd place with about 25% of the vote at this moment. Don't get distracted by Eightpak's eightpack. James and his cleft chin demand your obedience!

    This whole thing is seriously turning me on. I'm thinking Eightpak and James may need to sort this whole thing out in the wrestling ring (at least the one in my imagination).

  2. I'm excited to see that as of 10:08 PST, James has jumped out to a lead in voting with 34%. He's put a proverbial snap suplex on Eightpak and has him stunned on the canvas. Keep up the good work!

  3. James moved in for a premature cover, failing to hook the leg like the cocky rookie he is. Eightpak powered out and seems to be rallying some strength, even as James holds the advantage, and a handful of Eightpak's hair, yanking the dimpled challenger up to his knees. At 11:17 PST, Eightpak has moved back up to 27%, with James still holding onto his lead with 29%. Come on, James! Mess the bastard up good!

  4. Holy crap! From outside the ring, another contender dove through the ropes and Pearl Harbored James from behind, even as James held a dazed Eightpak on his knees by a fistful of hair. Bookerbrother has swept James' legs out from underneath him and then dropped a knee across James' gargantuan chest! My boy is stunned and winded, on his back, and looking up at both Eightpak and Bookerbrother staring down at him with bloodlust in their eyes.

    Bookerbrother, from out of nowhere, is at 32% as of 12:16 PST, with Eightpak catching a second wind with 29% and James reeling at 22%. James is holding on by nothing but the screaming support of his fans urging him to dig deep and overcome this nasty 2 on 1 mugging. Let him know we're with him!

  5. Oh hell, James is taking a barrage of boots all over his head and body from both Eightpak and Bookerbrother who are ignoring one another and focusing a collaborative ferocious attack on the cocky Brit. James is jerking and flopping in the center of the ring, nearly defenseless now. It's looking ugly, JMD fans. 12:41 and Bookerbrother is commanding the ring at 31% with Eightpak having rallied to full strength again at 30%. They're pummeling my muscle god relentlessly, with James down to 20%.

  6. It's an ugly sight in the ring, gentlemen. Bookerbrother's strategy of laying low at the beginning of the battle appears to be paying off. He and Eightpak have continued their relentless doubleteam of my boy James. Both collaborators dragged James' nearly defenseless musclebod off the canvas, and then dropped him hard across Eightpak's knee. James' stunningly muscled ass is literally being spanked by Eightpak taking cruel advantage of James' suffering. Eightpak seems oblivious, though, to Bookerbrother's breather, as the blond circles slowly behind Eightpak's back while the dimpled boywonder is nearly reaching orgasm from his ruthless, humiliating battering of James.

    4:38 pm PST and Booker brother is up to 35%, Eightpak's hanging at 31%, and James has continued to bleed out at 14%. Good God, this is arousing me...

  7. 8:45 PST and Eightpak and Bookerbrother have finally turned their attention to each other. Bookerbrother sneaked up behind Eightpak while he had James over his knee, giving James a humiliating spanking. Dimple-boy Eightpak wasn't quite so gullible as Bookerbrother was hoping, though. Dropping decimated muscleboy, James, Eightpak drove a sharp elbow backward directly into Bookerbrother's vulnerable crotch. Both hardbody hopefuls are now standing on opposite sides of James, motionless on his stomach in the middle of the ring, with Bookerbrother gingerly covering his throbbing balls.

    Eightpak has surged ahead with 34% to Bookerbrother's 32%. James is looking unconscious, but perhaps just playing possum hanging onto his 14%.

  8. With an hour and a half left in voting, my muscle god, James, remains motionless on his stomach in the middle of the ring. His trunks have been wedgied up his gorgeously muscled, rock hard ass, and the bright red hand prints of Eightpak's spanking are still visible. Eightpak and Bookerbrother, having exploited their cooperative arrangement to break the adonis Britboy, are now circling one another. They're both exhausted, pumped and determined to deliver the finishing move that will tell the tale at the end when the bell has rung.

    Sweetly suffering James remains motionless at 14%, and both Bookerbrother and Eightpak are now locked in a stalemate collar and elbow at 33% each.

  9. As time came to a close, Eightpak and Bookerbrother pressed and flexed in their collar and elbow, trying to gain advantage. Eightpak managed to pull Bookerbrother off balance enough to slap on a sideheadlock and hip toss him to his back next to James' motionless body. Eightpak worked the headlock mercilessly, cranking harder and harder, smashing Bookerbrother's face against his striated chest. Bookerbrother's face turned a dark red as the pressure against his skull had him seeing stars. He was growing disoriented in Eightpak's iron trap, and as his struggles grew weaker, Eightpak's confidence played across his sneering face.

    Eightpak's grip on Bookerbrother's face suddenly grew lax as his jaw dropped soundlessly. James, barely able to lift his head, had reached his long arm across the distance between them and grabbed hold of Eightpak's testicles through the fabric of his trunks. The break gave Bookerbrother the opportunity to pull free. Eightpak furiously pried James' hand away, still gasping in pain. Distracted, though, he failed to see Bookerbrother kneel behind him. Before he knew what was happening, Bookerbrother had Eightpak in a cobra clutch, grinding his right bicep fiercely into Eightpak's temple.

    When all was said and done, Bookerbrother stood, staring down momentarily at the two beaten specimens of muscular perfection, before pumping his fists into the air and then gracefully flashing a stunning, victorious double bicep.

    Bookerbrother eeks out a last second lead, giving him the victory at 34% to Eightpak's 33%. James never rallied from the midday beat down he took when Bookerbrother made his charge, ending at 14%.



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