Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Better Version of the Winter Olympics

The combination of world class athletic bodies and icy cold conditions make winter sports a paradox to me. Most winter sports athletes have to get bundled up in so much gear that obscures what I'm most interested in seeing. Some of the alpine sports and speed skaters at least wear spandex body-hugging gear that shows off the delicious curves of their muscles. But I'm still missing the skin.
Now if the winter Olympics required gear like Chris Geary and his buddies wear on their ski vacations, I predict that NBC would not be in danger of losing millions of dollar on their US rights to broadcast the games.
Chris Geary himself has the idea, snowboarding shirtless. Frankly, his form sucks here, and I would put money down that he was on his ass within five seconds of this photo being taken. But his hot, hard torso shining in the upglare of the snow covered slopes is a thing of beauty that transcends the technical aspects of sport.
Better yet, one of Chris' travel buddies has an eve better idea. There would be a major fanatical audience tuning in and making advertising dollars worth the investment if the winter Olympians in Vancouver were dressed like this. Speedos and caps, I'm sure, would seriously impede scores and race times, but this is about audience and advertising revenue, isn't it?

I know that I won't see a lot of skin in the next couple of weeks being broadcast from Vancouver. I know that stunningly muscled bodies are underneath all the gear and goggles, but the forum just doesn't give us a glimpse of the wonder of the world class athletic body. I'll hold out hope for a background piece every so often showing the athletes training in less obscuring gear, perhaps some shirtless gym training shots to remind us that these specimens are honed instruments of power and grace. And of course, I'll always be able to imagine what must be hidden beneath the spandex and and the down.

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