Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Still More Olympic Spirit

It's just ten days away, and Vancouver is witnessing a fantastic concentration of beautiful, world class athletes arriving daily. Thanks to some help from some of you, I've found some more beautiful men to pay attention to for the games. The speed skaters are still at the top of my list for spectating during the winter Olympics thanks entirely to the gear... and their huge legs... and there stunning asses... packed into skin tight gear...
Denny Morrison is a world class Canadian speed skater that I'm awfully pleased to have found these days. Of course he fills out the skin tight spandex like a champion. I'm usually not so into gear, but with Olympic speed skating on my mind, I'm hot for hardbody spandex.
The boy next door with a shy smile and adorable dimples who also happens to possess the thighs and glutes of a Greek god are priceless. This 6' tall 25 year old is my favorite for gold the instant he flashes those dimples. Go Denny!
Reader and contributor Swito turned me on to hockey hottie Alexei Kovalev. This Russian born hockey stud is turning my crank... hard. A 6'1" blond bruiser like this can bring me to my knees any day (just offering).
He's a handsome boy, to boot. I'm okay with bodybeautiful beasts with relatively "ugly" faces. But Alexei here is not that breed of beast by any means. Love, love, love me some hard hitting, hot bodied hockey players. Now they need to build into the sport a reason to see these hunks without their obscuring gear. Let's plant a wrestling ring in the middle of the ice rink (bolt it down so it doesn't move too much), and then throw some of these bad boys in wearing only trunks. Now that's a sport I'd fly across the world for!

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