Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Stunning Upset

There's a shake up happening in the pecking order of my homoerotic wrestling favorites. Mitch Colby still has his championship belt around his waist, but shockingly, Derek da Silva has been toppled out of his #1 contender position.
Just to recap, Derek stunningly wrested the championship from Mitch's hands last Fall when he posted on Twitter commending this blog. Since I'm the sole arbiter in this competition, Derek was playing to the judge. And that's always a winning strategy. It doesn't hurt that Derek is also a gorgeously tattooed, sweat-prone muscle stud into yoga and post-structuralism. Mitch was soundly defeated, and Derek was my #1 object of wrestling kink lustful worship.
Mitch's Wrestler Spotlight tape, and in particular his smoking hot match with Patrick Donovan turned the tables. In a closely fought reversal of fortunes, Derek was demoted to #1 contender, as Mitch mounted his pedastal and pumped his double bicep in victory once more.
It seem that Derek was so focused up the ladder, that he failed to notice that he was in someone's sights from below. Frankly, I'm a little astonished by this turn of events myself. Derek's sadomasochistic delights wrapped up in such a hot package seem pretty unassailable by anyone who isn't Mitch.
Derek's been off the wrestling kink radar for too many months, though, and Rusty Stevens has climbed in the ring, walked up on Derek from behind, and suplexed his furry body to the canvas. It was Rusty's playground banter with Aryx Quinn in Can-Am's new release Arena series that lifted him so dramatically in the standings, I think. The moment he pumped his hips and mimed spanking Aryx ass, Derek should have recognized that he was a threat.
Derek's tats continue to blow my mind, but the "lip prints" tattooed around Rusty's crotch and ass reinforce the image of Rusty as both sexy and possessing a sense of humor. The massive GABRIEL tattooed across his upper back isn't quite as stunning as Derek's art, but it's beautiful. It also demands that I guess that Rusty's "real" name is Gabriel (or that his boyfriend's name is Gabriel... for his sake, I hope it's his own name, because getting your boyfriend's name tattooed on you never ends well).
Winning the competition for #1 contender homoerotic wrestling pornboy of my heart isn't necessarily always about "winning." Frankly, Derek's begging of Mitch to slap his balls harder in Crotch Crushers was a stunning powerbottom move that earned Derek major points for both the kink value and the impressive performance itself. To not only stay hard, but to be brought to ejaculation while your sweat soaked opponent tortures your balls is seriously twisted and outrageously hot.
But Rusty has a nasty side to him that makes me think that even pain-slut Derek couldn't keep up. Whereas Derek had Mitch obeying his command to beat his balls, I'd have to imagine Rusty cruelly withholding the torture that Derek is so desperately hot to experience. Rusty would have Derek twisted into the pretzel that only a yogi could achieve, but he'd keep Derek begging until Derek was his bitch.
If you're like me, you did not see this upset coming. I think Mitch had better be looking over his shoulder, because Rusty is looking hungry and fierce. Still, I'm not about to count out Derek entirely from the competition. In fact, I'm hoping this little upset lights a fire under that unbelievably round, poundable ass of his to get back in the ring with renewed focus. In the mean time, though, it's Rusty knocking at the door, determined to ride his momentum all the way to the top.

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