Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mr. Universe

WrestlingExcellence recently posted some choice clips from the 1951 movie, Mr. Universe. Actor Vince Edwards plays the title character, Tommy Tomkins, who is voted "the world's most perfect man." His notoriety ends him up in a pro wrestling con. The blond, blue-eyed, babyface hero takes effortlessly to ring wrestling, using "the world's most perfect" body to lay some sweet muscle beatdown on proboy after proboy.

Apparently, the story develops into a character piece as Mr. Universe is instructed to take a dive. Sure enough, he takes some hard hits back to back, suddenly turning from a wrestling prodigy into a flat-footed chump as the crowd screams bloody murder.

Like every bright-eyed, idealistic Mr. Universe, Tommy finally can take no more, and he once again employs "the world's most perfect" body to rally. Apparently, he takes control, muscling and maneuvering his barrel-bodied proboy into one stunned, suffering move after another.

Haven't seen this, but I like the concept. But frankly, between you and me, I think that the hard hunk that Tommy defeats in his bodybuilder competition, "the Atlas of the Alps," could out-muscle and beat the living crap out of pencil-legged Tommy. That's a flick I'd like to see!

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