Monday, October 18, 2010

The Boy Needs Hand

Making the rounds is this slice of pouty hotness named Andreas Orihuela. His ModelMayhem profile indicates that he's 18 years old, at least at the time of his joining up there back in May. Barely legal doesn't tend to float my boat, but Andreas has a look that belies his apparent age. And, I'm aching to get my fingers in that curly hair and toss him around a ring by it...

Speaking of which, his extremely succinct bio on ModelMayhem tantalizes you and me with the mysterious, singular detail that he's a wrestler looking to break into modeling. What the hell does that mean, exactly? Why the hell do I care?! I'm a big, big fan of a curly haired, made-for-the-runway, proud-to-be-a wrestler who's ready to sell his body to sell me a pair of underwear (or whatever he's selling... fireplace mantels? candles? I'll buy a dozen of whatever it is...).

The teaser/dropped-reference to being a wrestler (in high school? in an indy pro circuit? in an upcoming homoerotic release coming soon to my library?!) could make me turn bitter without some evidence to back it up, babyface boy! A singlet, pro trunks and boots... (even better) pro trunks sans boots... hell, I'd even take a hot shot in a jock strap to make me truly into a believer (particularly if it's a shot from behind). You can't just say, "I'm a wrestler," and then give me nothing but my imagination to paint some very low rise, shrink wrapped, navy blue boytoy trunks on you as you stretch out your tight, whipcord muscles by hanging from the ring ropes before a brutal, no-ref, fight-for-tops strip match.

My imagination will take me far, no doubt, but let's see some wrestling credentials to turn the average 500 or so daily readers of this blog into your biggest, most vociferous fan base! If you need a hand with anything, anything at all, we're here to help, Andreas.

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