Sunday, October 17, 2010

Facing Reality

Clearly, I don't live in the Real World. Frankly, I'm a little surprised to learn that the reality television show, The Real World, is still airing new seasons. Hell, I don't think I could find MTV on my television without considerable effort these days. But stumbling across Scott Herman on YouTube, and then in every other corner of the internet, I now know what I've been missing.

Just between you and me, I'm a little sick of reality television. I feel like I don't want to reward people who attain notoriety from reality television appearances. So my first instinct is to look away from personal trainer/fitness model Scott Herman. Then I see more shots of his scrumptious body, and I just can't tear myself away.

Some shots on his Facebook page reveal that Scott grew up wrestling, and I for one am terribly happy to see that he can still "squeeze into" his high school singlet. My wrestling kinked imagination is now firing on all cylinders.

It appears that Scott is quite an ally, promoting the gays on many fronts. He's handsome. He's hot. He seems sweet. And he's all for the gays!? My prejudice against reality television star-lets may need a reassessment.

If he puts up some more shots in wrestling gear, I'll turn into a full blown Scott Herman fan. As it is, he's definitely now on my radar and firmly planted in my homoerotic wrestling imagination!

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  1. Okay, he just may have to wrestle Eric from Season 1 (yes, it's been that long since I've watched the show--maybe Season 2, I don't remember--I am out of touch not only with reality but with reality TV--how sad is that?). Eric made a HUGE impression on me back in the day and these shots of Scott may cause a relapse. I've already "liked" him on Facebook.



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