Friday, October 29, 2010

I Need a Hero

I've promised a friend to do some writing for him this weekend, with a firm deadline. So I'll keep my blog posts short (and hopefully sweet) in the mean time.

This shot published by EW is making the rounds, showing what's underneath all the CGI of the upcoming Captain America movie starring porn-ready Chris Evans. This image is deeply stirring me. Chris has already starred in a wrestling fantasy of mine, and looking smoother and huger (is that a word?... like that's ever stopped me...) than ever, Captain Chris' body today is making my head explode. Can't you just imagine those pecs flexing, squeezing hard with some unfortunate hunk's head wrapped up in Chris' side headlock (screaming)?

He's just begging for a return trip to the Producer's Ring, I tell you. In a life-imitating-art-imitating-life moment, I'm thrilled to see the unbelievably hard, hot, walking-sex male body being capitalized to its fullest. The days of someone like Michael Keaton being packaged as a hardbody superhero already seem quaint. I think Captain Chris is raising the bar for Hollywood, and I for one am ready to join the throngs demanding more obscenely gorgeous, muscleboy stars getting ripped to shreds and showing off their physiques generously. Inch by inch, this world is looking more and more like my own post-apocalyptic vision of the day when homoeroticism rules the world.

This is also making me ache for some superhero homoerotic fantasy, pushing the third chapter of my superhero series higher on the docket. Damn, so many fantasies, so little time.

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