Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have to catch up on this week's Dexter episode. The first one was so depressing, I needed a little more than a week to recover. Seeing superherofan post skin pics of Mr. Michael C. Hall shirtless poolside is definitely speeding my recovery along nicely. I'm sensing that a date with a serial killer will be on my calendar very soon.

For a man who quite recently was enduring chemo for Hodgkin's lymphoma, Michael is looking just as arousing as ever. Hell, for anyone, chemo or not, he's one beautiful, beautiful man who inspires all sorts of nasty ideas in my imagination. I've seen my share of homoerotic wrestling scenarios set in pools. Hot muscled hunks toss each other in the deep end, dunk each other, do lifts and throws aided by the buoyancy of water play. Yes indeed, there are all sorts of pool games I'd like to imagine playing with Michael, and every single one of them ends with Michael's bubble butt bare and bent across my knee.

I am so glad your back, Dexter!


  1. I recall hearing that Season 4 and 5 were approved and filmed at the same time to allow the cancer treatment to go through without hindering the show. You might want to check up on that.

  2. That sounds entirely plausible, SubmissionMaster. I can't find any evidence of it, though, and in fact I've read in several places that Michael kept his cancer a secret as they were finishing up filming season 4. Reports and pics of him filming season 5 in the past several months seem to indicate that he's filming post-treatment. Either way, I'm happy he's healthy, and he remains one beautiful man.



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