Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pain and Regret Called-For

Ace Hanson over at Thunder's Arena has been working his stunning ass off lately! This busy, big, bruiser of a boy (6' even, 220 pounds, tree trunk thighs... did I mention is ass already?), is facing off with some even bigger boys lately (notwithstanding his squash-like-a-bug of Angel). As of this moment, he's the featured new release against Cage, who looks like the last face you'd want to see in a dark alley. At 6' and 215 pounds, the tale of the tape would suggest these two are tit-and-tat. But side by side, they're actually quite the study in contrasts.

First of all, Cage is smuggling a grapefruit in the front of his trunks, whereas Ace is smuggling two regulation size basketballs in the back of his (which would seem like a perfect combination). Second, blond behemoth Cage is just outrageously massive, whereas Ace is constructed of thick and defined, hard muscle, no soft curves anywhere. Third, Cage is not pretty (unleash the grapefruit, and maybe I'll change my mind about this, but I doubt it). In stark, stark contrast, Ace is absolutely, indisputably, yet somehow deceptively, very, very pretty.

I have a deep respect for Ace's work because he keeps going toe to toe with fellow big boys. Regardless of what you think about the work itself, the big, hard wrestlers who continually tackle (and I do mean tackle) fellow big, hard wrestlers are, pound for pound, carrying more than their fair share of the homoerotic wrestling load. The physical workout itself has got to be intense (not that Ace's quads could fail to be up to the challenge of doing squats all day with Cage across his shoulders), and the potential for injury has to be heightened in his session with Cage or Uno, as opposed to Angel (well, at least for Ace... the calculus probably doesn't add up the same way for Angel).

Ace comes across to me as straight up straight boy happy to bring in some extra cash by appealing to the wrestling fetishist among us gay boys. More power to him. As with most all the work at Thunder's, there's something oddly demure about the ferocity and stagecraft of Ace's wrestling performances of late that leaves me craving a look at that moneymaker (in Ace's case, this is most definitely that muscle ass of his). Happily, Ace's prior incarnation in homoeroticism (as Eric Reins) feeds the need. In Can-Am's Sex Submissions, Ace/Eric was working that fine, hard ass of his against the bodybuilder bruiser, Gauge. Unlike his more recent work, he wrestled bare naked (and with a ridiculous haircut... you'll find that easy to ignore when you get a look at his glutes and cock).

Despite the "sex" in the title, Ace/Eric did not obey the rules of sex wrestling: he refused to get fucked when he lost, opting instead to masturbate and then exit the stage for another wrestler to come in and do a much less impressive wrestling performance against Gauge but eventually take it up the ass. I think this should be considered a serious foul in the game of homoerotic wrestling for which Ace still needs to be draped across someone's knee and spanked bare-assed until those glorious glutes are red as beets and he's littered the floor with his tears of regret and pain.

Somehow, I don't see this scenario happening anytime soon in Thunder's. But I'm keeping my eyes open for it, nonetheless.

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