Thursday, November 25, 2010


This is my second Thanksgiving Holiday since starting this blog a year and a half ago. I have so much to be thankful for these days. I have a home, a job, people who love me, animals who are excited to see me when I come home. More pertinent to this blog, I'm thankful for a lot of delicious, delightful, homoerotic wrestling inspiration, and for so many of you who share in that delight.

Joe is always at or very near the top of my list of most excellent things about the virtual wrestling kink community we share. If at any point you're feeling bitter toward me for taking a day or two away from posting new material here, just remember to pop over to Ringside at Skull Island and get your dose of fine wrestling kink commentary there. I generally agree with Joe's tastes 97.48 percent of the time (I'm a stats person), and his blog feeds my imagination and brings a smile to my face (and a pleasing pressure to my crotch) consistently.

I've had a wonderful time over this past year working some new collaborations. I've worked with several readers/writers, including two projects right now that the ball is in my court on (I promise, compatriots, I'm working on them!). In addition to co-authors, I'm grateful for the opportunity to chat sidebar with so many fine gentlemen with something to share, complain about, and recommend.

My last note of gratitude for the blog today is to Kid Leopard for his generosity and encouragement of my toils here. He's been extremely generous with my frequent reposts of BG East material. He's given me more than I deserve this year, including some thoughtful feedback when I've strayed into topics that I talk about much more than I really know about. He's been understanding and tolerant of my not only writing BG East-based fiction, but even writing him in as a recurring character (my own version of him, of course). For KL, as well as for all of the creative minds keeping the homoerotic wrestling industry turning out new delights, I'm grateful for their ability to find the right formula to stay fresh and creative in the face of consumer criticism and, let's face it, back seat driving (I fully admit to being a prime offender in that category).

My hope is for nothing but the best for all of you who read my words, for all of the hard workers in production in the homoerotic wrestling industry, and for the beautiful and inspired wrestlers and performers who give our little corner of gay kink a go. Play hard! Play safe.


  1. And I'm sure I speak for many when I say I'm thankful for the enjoyment I get from your blog and for the work you do. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I'm also thankful for finding such an special blog. Thanks!!

  3. Happy and thankful we're in the same corner, Bard ... unless, er, you'd be interested in a feud, because I'd be in for that, too. But, seriously, you're on my list of what I'm thankful for, too, pal. And, with you, my blessings on all the bad boys, muscle gods, preening Romeos, babyface twinks, and masked hellcats from parts unknown, who keep us hot and bothered.



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