Friday, November 26, 2010


I've been talking character construction with several folks offline recently. I'm big on visual inspiration for my imagination. So most of my characters evolve from a certain image or set of looks. Obviously a lot of my homoerotic wrestling fiction utilizes characters built off of real life people, though I am the first to make clear that I'm not writing about the actors and models who serve as inspiration. I'm just starting with how they make me feel and what they inspire in my imagination, and I'm building character from that skeleton. My title character for the Producer's Ring series of wrestling stories is Eli Brody, who is a complex amalgam of many sources of inspiration. Not least of which, Mark Feuerstein serves as a major component in the construction of how I imagine my character, Eli Brody.

Squarehippies posted these caps from a recent flick with Mark. There's just no angle I've ever seen of Mark that doesn't drive me crazy with lust. He's not a muscleboy, by any means. He's not a lusty dirtbag. He's not exactly pretty, either, at least as far as I'm concerned. A muscleboy, dirtbag, pretty boy (any combination of these) will always catch my attention. Without any of those elements, though, Mark is still off the charts on my lust radar.

The only thing missing in these caps is Mark's chart-topper prize of hotness: his gorgeous, bigger-than-your-average-white-boy's ass. I'm a major fan of Mark's booty. Mark may not be at the head of the line in your rankings of lustworthy boys, but he gets my engine running like few others can. I don't know who you might be picturing when you read a story with Eli Brody in it, but as for me, Mark is foundational to the hotness that is the West Coast Titan.

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