Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

The homoerotic wrestler of the month designation I started last summer has a few readers perplexed. Some readers seem to think that there's some science to this, that there are rules to be followed and justice to be handed out. Of course, this is just my entirely subjective take. I call 'em as I see 'em, and I'm the first to admit that my choices may be at times arbitrary or capricious. I'm fine with that. You'll have to cope. Which leads us to November's homoerotic wrestler of the month. My take is that new releases are relatively slim again this month. BG East appears to be about to pop out a new catalog for December, but in the meantime they released a Donnie Drake wrestler spotlight that has to put Donnie, Jobe, Paul Hudson and Rio Garza back in the running. ThundersArena gets two new releases that have caught my eye as potential sources for November's homoerotic wrestler of the month. Battle of the Male Models parts 12  mark some nice new directions for Thunders, I think, including some plot and motivation. They also give Zman, STL, Uno, Frank the Tank, and Batar invitations to jump in the pool of nominees for homoerotic wrestler of the month. NakedKombat has some unconventional entries, due in part to their entertaining release of unfinished matches. Based on these dominating performances, Rocco Giovanni, Spencer Reed, and always-in-contention, Mitch Colby are in consideration, along with DJ and Trent Diesel for their highly competitive and smokin' hot November 24 tag team victory. RockHardWrestling, I believe, put out their 2-on-1 ring bout this month to give Zman still another entry, along with Tyler Reeves and Ethan Andrews. Finally, I'm giving a nod to Raging Stallions' release of Brutal, which I've had the opportunity to begin to enjoy (and will write more on later), for which I'll permit Trent Diesel to have another nomination, along with Rusty Stevens, Angelo Marconi, Brenn Wyson and Hugo Milano.

Okay, so I was so wrong. There are plenty of delightful nominees to choose from. But there can only be one (not true, of course... no rules...), and my choice for the homoerotic wrestler of the month for November 2010 is....

Yes, I can already hear some of you complaining that Trent was just homoerotic wrestler of the month in July. True enough. And as far as I'm concerned, Trent earned a repeat at HWM precisely because he's working that fine, fine (finefinefine) ass of his off pumping out hot wrestling performances. He and Zman had an edge this month for both coming in with two hard-hitting new release nominations, but between the two of them, Trent could beat Zack senseless and own his prettyboy straight ass for days (and that would instantly become my all time favorite match for all of history). Trent's work in Brutal is decent. He's got a few minutes of actual wrestling, which is unfortunately a little rare for Brutal. He's also starring one of the scenes in the movie that "collapses the metaphor" nicely, as intense grappling becomes intense fucking.

Paired with his tag team victory alongside of DJ over at NakedKombat, Trent's Brutal performance gave him the edge for me this month. His body looks hotter and hotter every time I see him. His tattoos are gorgeous. His intensity is fantastic. Watching him struggle to work through the pain of Leo Forte's body scissor in his NK match is incredibly arousing. He's just one incredibly hard working homoerotic wrestling pornboy, and I think he deserves the credit. In fact, I think his hard working is making up the distance between him and my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, Rusty Stevens. Rusty's performance in Brutal is weak on actual wrestling/fighting, with only one highly stylized cut-n-paste, very brief tussle with body beautiful Angelo Marconi. If Rusty doesn't put up something better than that soon, I could easily see Trent slapping a figure-4 choke on him and fucking Rusty's lip-clad ass out of the top spot in my rankings. Stay focused, and keep up the fantastic work, Trent!

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