Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ohhhhh... now I get it!

I just saw Inception, the first movie I've seen with Tom Hardy in it. I finally get it. I wasn't getting it before. He's handsome and all, but more than a handful of the pics I've seen of Tom make him look a little goofy and not always in a flattering way (goofy can be very attractive, of course). But seeing him on screen, in motion, I do get it. He's incredibly sexy in a kinetic way that far exceeds his good looks in still life.

Of course, the tats don't hurt either, as far as I'm concerned. Nor does the hard, tight body (as far as any of us around here are concerned).

Bulked up, shirtless, with a hairy chest, and he's quite the object of my lust. Regardless of whether he's dabbled in boy-on-boy action, he qualifies for a starring role in a homoerotic wrestling fantasy in my imagination.

The fact that Tom also seems to have been a fanatic with iPhone self-portraits and the exhibitionism that suggests also works to caricature the hunk for a homoerotic wrestling universe. Not sure who should do the initiating, but I'll probably think of something sooner or later.

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