Monday, December 6, 2010

On Safari

Scooter's comment to my last post sent me scurrying around trying to get some more inspiration regarding the wrestling scene at a London gay club and hottie Ashley Ryder, featured in BG East's newest release of Motel Madness UK 7.  I've found a few pleasing paper trails, including a Facebook page and a YouTube channel

So if I saw this out at a club, I'd take notice. Ashley Ryder's hot club bod makes me feel all predatory. This specimen needs hunted, tagged and bagged, and I'm itching to go on safari. 

But if I saw this, I'd set up a tent and never leave. A wrestling club set up in the middle of a gay club is a stroke of genius. Pure genius. I feel all tingly inside, and at the same time bitter that I don't live near anything like this.

I'm quickly developing quite a little crush on Ashley Ryder. The square jaw, the ears, that lean bod in need of taming... yes, crush is the precisely the word that comes to mind.

This seems like such a promising sign for the mainstreaming of homoerotic wrestling kink. Of course, mainstreaming also sounds a little perilous. As much as Grapple 101 is an innovation and introduction of wrestling kink to more of the club-going masses, too much mainstreaming could very well take the innovation right out of the scene. I like my homoerotic wrestling cooked a bit rare. Hell, I like a little gamey taste to it. If it were to get too mainstreamed, if it were to get turned into a franchise and marketed as fast food, if it were beaten into consumer submission and served in identical wax paper wrappers by the billions, then it would be a sad day indeed for me.

Happily, we appear nowhere near that point, and I'm eagerly cheering on Ashley and all the boys at Grapple 101 (from a tragically great distance). I've got to get myself to London and hunt me down some homoerotic club wrestling... soon!


  1. Glad to contribute. And damned if me and my bf don't wanna go on a safari to this club too!

  2. hey guys Ashley here glad you like the BGeast film and if you guys are ever in london come to the club for a few matches. hope to see u at Grapple101 soon


  3. I'm star-struck! You're awesome, Ashley, and I'm definitely stopping by Grapple101 the first chance I get!



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