Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year in Review - Favorite Moment #3

My third favorite moment in blogging in 2010 came from my innauguration of a non-pornboy division in my ranking of favorite homoerotic wrestlers. I've been blathering for more than a year about my favorite pornboy homoerotic wrestlers, but I decided a few months ago that the non-pornboys needed a division all their own. Up against the likes of Mitch Colby, Derek da Silva, Rusty Stevens and Trent Diesel, the wrestlers who stay shy of pulling out their cocks and unloading a climactic, gasping explosion on top of the loser of the match beneath them are at a severe disadvantage in the magnitude with which they stroke my homoerotic imagination. But they're entirely delightful and entertaining and provocative in their own way, and so a nonpornboy favorite homoerotic wrestler division was created to share some love with them as well.

Lon Dumont was my inaugural champion nonpornboy. Good God, that man turns me on. He's got a pro polish wrapped up in one gorgeously muscled, shredded to bits, tight little package built for taking big boys by surprise and kicking their asses.

Lon's instant top contender was the BGE boy with a wrestling portfolio nearly as massive as his balls: Josh Goodman (that's Mr. Joshua to you!). Lon's history with BGE makes him look like a rookie, but there's nothing rookie about his command of the ring and his opponent's bodies. Mr. Joshua, on the other hand, has been one of the most prolific BGE battlers, and he seems to be going stronger now than ever, showing up in 3 different releases this year, and looking as stunningly muscled and outrageously in love with himself as ever. From go, it was a close call between Lon and Mr. Joshua.

So perhaps it should be no surprise that Mr. Joshua caught up with Lon and smacked his fine, athletic ass into second place just a few weeks ago. That's my #3 favorite moment in blogging in 2010: the game changing performance of Mr. Joshua in Matmen 21.

I thought Mr. J's performance in this summer's release of Demolition 14 was fantastic new territory for him. He not only slapped his pendulous balls down across Austin Raines' lips, he taunted the overmatched scrapper with talk of teabagging. Still, there was something missing from Demolition 14, something I still longed to see in a Mr. J match (other than an unobstructed view of his legendary credentials).

I have nothing against innuendo, mind you. I'm (obviously) a major fan of implication and allusion. But I've been waiting for too long for a Mr. Joshua match that just says it straight out: Mr. Joshua both desperately needs and undeniably deserves to be the object of some lustful admirer's body worship. Randy Stanton shows up in Matmen 21 and cuts right through the innuendo. Randy wants a shot at Mr. Joshua's rippled abs, beautiful pecs, and sweet, shapely ass, and he's willing to wrestle for it.

Sorry to spoil the suspense for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but in the end, Randy isn't quite up to the task. That said, he puts up a surprisingly enthusiastic fight. He strokes Mr. J's washboard. He claws at his pecs. He digs his fingers into Mr. J's round ass with a lustful exhilaration that comes straight from my crotch. When Mr. Joshua finally turns the corner, perhaps having to work a little harder for it than he'd expected, he racks Randy across his statuesque shoulders and claws at the rookie's crotch for his trouble. Mr. J doesn't just crush his suitor, he beats him senseless and then lingers in the delight of humiliating him with a body-by-body comparison of their relative physiques. Randy's a hot slice of tasty goodness, but he' just no match for stunning size and aesthetic proportions of Mr. Joshua.

I LOVE this storyline! This completely gives an outlet to my unrequited lust over Mr. J's erotically charged nonpornboy body. I've complained about Mr. J playing it coy for quite some time, but his performance in Matmen 21 shuts my mouth (metaphorically... you know I'm seldom at a loss for words). The concept of a veteran nonpornboy putting his body on the line against a hard, amorous hunk jonesing to turn him into a pornboy is just brilliant. It finally gives a full helping of the homo to match Mr. J's quality entertainment wrestling credibility.

Not only did Matmen 21 earn Mr. J the title as my new #1 favorite homoerotic wrestler - nonpornboy division, it also solidly ranks as my #3 most favorite moment in blogging in 2010. I'm ready to pre-order any future match with Mr. J bringing another hot and randy hunk back to the matroom to see if he's finally met his match and found the stud worthy of dominating and taking full possession of the priceless treasure that is Mr. Joshua's intoxicating body. It's the awesome depth of entertainment Mr. J has produced in the past and the promise of more fantastically hot, high stakes wrestling in the future, but most of all, it's Mr. Joshua's game changing performance in Matmen 21 that earns my #3 most favorite moment in 2010.

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