Sunday, January 23, 2011

It Boy

It appears that when I was scouting for visual inspiration for character development in my superhero series a few months ago, I unknowingly stumbled across a rising star. Just Jared is reporting that Alex Pettyfer is being touted as "the  new 'It' boy." For my purposes, Alex became the physical template for the character of the benevolent coach of team Trident known simply as Arthur.

By my count, everyone within this fictional universe of mine has tipped his hand with regard to the possession of a superpower, except for Arthur. As opposed to the coach of the Chargers, Barry, Arthur has a soft touch with his team and seems to inspire an easy camaraderie shared between main character, Brett and his teammates.

What attracted me to Alex as a model for Arthur's character is, ironically, the hit of both maturity and youthfulness in his appearance. I say its ironic because he is, in fact, just 20 years old. I think he has "old" eyes, though, eyes that make me think he holds secrets.

Oh, and of course, he's pretty. As I've defensively pointed out in the past, it isn't just the pretty boys that turn my crank. But I've stuck with the pretty boys as models for my wrestling characters. Genuine babyface characters that inhabit the models of pretty boys seem obvious enough, and for that matter, pretty boys as templates for nasty, vicious heels make for a delightful reminder about books and their covers.

Alex is apparently starring in a couple of relatively big release films and generating all sorts of buzz for what might be in store for the pretty Brit. In the mean time, you may see him in a homoerotic wrestling story near you.

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