Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I've Got It Hard for BBC

Once again, I curse the fates that landed me on this side of the Atlantic when BBC is premiering the third season of Being Human on the other side. I like this show... a lot. I know, this isn't news to regular readers. But seeing caps of the 3rd season premier at superherofan reminds me once again. I need to move to the UK for 1) first run enjoyment of Being Human (and other superior shows), and 2) a crack at attending Ashley Ryder's Grapple 101 in London.

Via superherofan, we see that Being Human 3 delivers precisely the goods that have made me such a loyal fanatic: namely, Russell Tovey's naked ass. Russell haunts my dreams and fantasies (particularly the wrestling ones) in a way that's completely out of proportion to his objective stats, I'll admit. He's not a hard, Hollywood muscle hunk. In fact, he's pretty soft around the middle. He's just so ridiculously adorable in a way that runs counter to characterizing him as "handsome." And those ears were, undoubtedly, a source of teasing at least at some point in his life. And I think he's one sexy-as-hell mother fucker (to put a fine point on it).

Being Human SyFy-style isn't measuring up so far. I'll say more later, but for now I'm busy skimming through job postings for American ex-pats in Great Britain. How long would my dogs have to be in quarantine?

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