Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pretty Prolific

Have I mentioned Cameron Matthews' ass lately? There are a lot of fantastic asses out there that I wouldn't describe as "pretty," but Cameron's is one that simply is pretty, I think. It's a massive, round, genetic gift of grace that makes those of us who have to work (hard) for what we've got a little jealous.

Is there any corner of the internet where we can't find Cameron? He's jobbed so delightfully and prolifically at BG East. In his most recent ring release with BGE, Babyface Brawl 1, Cameron appears to get spanked over the knee of Russian powerhouse prettyboy, Alexi Adamov. I think it's his appearance in Mat Brats 2 that illustrates the perfect wardrobe choice for Cameron. It just doesn't get much better than Cameron in a jock strap.

It looks to me like Cameron has replaced Zack Vazquez as the face of the franchise at Thunder's Arena. I think Cameron's sharp wit and readiness to ham it up are perfectly suited to the tongue-in-cheek stylings at Thunders. Interestingly, Cameron and Zack have never faced off, as far as I can tell, which seems a shame. Cameron typically spends his time jobbing for bigger muscle studs, making the big boys look good. Knowing that Cameron has high quality wrestling credibility of his own (well beyond just getting his balls crushed against a post), I'd enjoy seeing him take the Z-Man to school. I think Cameron is the perfect performer to rub the sneer off of Zack's face and crush that poser like a grape.

Cameron's also been roosting at Can-Am recently, as well (damn, I wonder if he'd donate some frequent flyer miles to me!?). Speaking of schooling, I enjoyed his double-team tutorial with his old tag partner, Paul Hudson, "introducing" Rio Garza to the intricacies of pro-wrestling holds. Personally, I think Cameron never shines brighter than when he's in the ring, selling combat, slicing together fast paced high flying action with high impact combinations (watch for Can-Am's release of Pro-Bashed Triple Threat, pics already starting to post in Can-Am Max).

I'd love to see less of Cameron for a few months. I don't mean any disrespect. But I've long ago taken him for granted, his work is so prolific. He's a utility player these days, but he's got the makings of a headliner if only he weren't quite so overexposed. It's like being force-fed dessert... sure, the first few bites make you question how this could ever be a bad thing, but too much, too fast will make you gag.

He's big (and getting bigger by the minute!), he's beautiful (especially from behind), and he's wildly talented in nearly everything that this blog is about. This is no Keystone 12-pack. Quality goods like this should be sipped leisurely, savored slowly, swished around in the mouth to tantalize all the taste buds, and swallowed lovingly. I hope he keeps up the prolific, good work, and I hope he's paid every penny he's worth, and then I hope his producers let us build a little eager anticipation in between his appearances across the homoerotic wrestling universe.

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