Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rising to the Challenge

Last month, Bearhugs sent me a pro-wrestling short story to post over at Sidelineland. It stars bodybuilder bruiser "Neil," a local scene pro-wrestling fixture, who has a chance meeting with an old high school buddy at his gym. His old buddy, Shane, drops into conversation that he's been staying in shape with a wrestling club, and just hoping for a shot at the big time sooner or later. It seems like kismet when Neil proposes to do his buddy a favor, and signs them both up with his wrestling promoter for a match to introduce Shane to the crowds at the arena that very night.

As Bearhugs tells us, Neil was considerably less benevolent in setting this whole scenario up than it first appeared. He beats the living crap out of his "old buddy," humiliating him across every inch of the ring until the crowds actually grow concerned for Shane's survival. Neil reveals that he's been harboring an old grudge for years, and he's working out not only an epic heel-turn career move, but some pent up needs to even an old score. The bell signals the end of Shane's "big break" in pro wrestling, and Neil drags him helplessly back to the locker rooms where he ties him up for some post match postscript.

Then Bearhugs challenged me to write "part 2" of Shane's Big Break. What an excellent intellectual and creative challenge! And I'm nothing if not turned on by a challenge. So I've completed my vision of "part 2" of Shane's Big Break, in which Shane learns that both Neil and the world of pro wrestling have a lot more to teach him, still. This is my stab at a hands on, full on erotic sex-text, in accord with some of the chatter over at Sidelineland and Producer's Ring looking for a few loser-seriously-gets-fucked matches. Personally, I find a lot of wrestling entirely and satisfyingly homoerotic without anyone getting literally fucked, but there's nothing at all wrong with loser-gets-fucked stakes, either. I've posted Shane's Big Break - Part 2 over at Sidelineland right now for members to check out.

I hope that I've done Bearhugs' set-up justice. I've developed a serious crush on baby-monster heel Neil, and I'd love to see someone else take a shot at Part 3 (I'm thinking there are some High Rollers who'd pay to see No Holds Barred 1-on-2 action with Neil schooling Shane and some other twink pro wannabe at the same time). Thanks for the fun, Bearhugs!

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