Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just a Little Dickish

I feel a little guilty about basking in the backyard sunshine with a good book this morning, after having watched the national news reports of the crippling "monster blizzard" encasing a third of the U.S. in ice and snow. I don't think of where I live as a particularly weather-enviable location most of the time. But relatively speaking, today is awfully sweet for me and sucky for so many of you.

Rob Riches - for ES Swimwear

Of course there are a variety of strategies for dealing with winter weather blues. Some of us hunker down by the fire, crank up the heat, and do our best to appreciate the cozy intimacy of being trapped indoors. On the other hand, dreaming of warmer days and sun drenched bodies can help to take some of our minds off of the bitter chill of winter's wrath.

David Costa - for ES Swimwear

You know full well that I'm not above being dickish or a punk, but in all sincerity, these images are intended as entertaining distraction from the icy grip of winter. I'm not trying to make anyone feel jealous or resentful by showing these fine, fine, fine specimens soaking in the summer sun.

Todd Sanfield - for DNA Magazine

Making note of my sunbathing in the backyard with a book this morning was, however, probably intentionally a little dickish. It's just so rare that I have anything to brag about when it comes to weather.

Stay warm, everybody.

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  1. Shovelling sucks. I think shovelling is the only time I'll let snot hang from my nose unchecked. But this helped. Thanks!



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