Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Topic: Barely clothed, hot bodied men engaged in physical combat for sale. No, I'm not talking about the homoerotic wrestling industry... but I could be, couldn't I? Rather, I'm referring to another delightful installment of male models posed as fighters. Specifically, I'm celebrating Tomislav Maržic and Ivor Jurjević modeling for Lodoli Underwear (via Homotrophy).

I'm finding little else on either of these pretty boys other than multiple references to this photo shoot. I believe Ivor has a Facebook page, and all signs appear to me to be pointing to these boys, like the underwear, being Croatian.

If I'm right, Ivor is the tattooed hardbody on the right, which makes him my favorite in this imaginary bout with Tomislav.

I love the pec tat in particular... and his thick arms and shoulders... and his powerful thighs... and the heft in that pouch.

But, let's be clear, being my favorite does not at all necessarily equal being the one I want to see win. Looks to me like Tomislav has his eye on using Ivor's pouch like a speed bag, and I for one, am ready to curl up on the couch with some popcorn to watch a tatted muscleboy beatdown. Tomislav has a bit of a Cliff Conlin feel about him in this match-up (sans fur). He may not be the prettiest, but he just may be the meanest, which could turn out to make him the sexiest.

Ah, hell. This is a win-win, regardless. As long as Ivor's six pack gets pounded, his pecs get clawed, and perhaps his pouch takes some punching, I'd buy either of these pretty, pretty boys coming out on top.

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