Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Class

It's been my policy to avoid posting pics from the BG East Arena until the matches are available for sale on the main page. One reason for this is so that I don't get a flood of "where can I find this match!?" comments. A second reason is that I figure membership should have its privileges, as the old credit card commercial instructs us, and just like the classist foundations of procedures for boarding an airplane, those who pony up should enjoy some perks.

That said, I'm unable to resist posting some preview pics of the upcoming release of Sunshine Shooters 4. My inability to restrain myself is partly a result of the fact that Arena members can already download this match for viewing (so we still have our class privilege), and also because it's been well-documented that I have both a pathological lack of impulse control AND a crazy crush on Mitch Colby. So there's access to instant download, Mitch in peak physical condition, and he and juggernaut Brook Stetson stripped to jockstraps and soaked in each other's sweat. I'm as defenseless as the picture of Mitch with his wrists hogtied behind his back in his own jockstrap (more on that in a second).

Sunshine Shooters 4 has more surprises in store, including the appearance of internet phenom it-boy, Z-Man, wrestling for the first time in the big leagues with BGE. But what I'm obsessing about is Mitch, all 6'2 and 206 pounds of Florida-tanned gorgeous muscle, getting tied up like a pretzel and mounted from behind by 5'11, 240 (!) pounds of thick, granite, hairy musclestud Brook Stetson.

This is not a squash. Man-of-my-dreams Mitch brings some extremely impressive skill and tenacity to the mat. He even wrings a submission out of the mountain of a man in front of him. But, damn! Brook is an astonishingly skilled wrestler and uses every opportunity to exploit his weight and strength advantage to work Mitch into one humiliating, compromised position after another. The sight of Mitch's head getting completely crushed high between Brook's ridiculously huge and fantastically inked thighs is wrestling kink perfection.

But wait. Brook then uses Mitch's own jockstrap to tie the tanned hunk's wrists behind his back, taunt and humiliate him some more, and then slide Mitch back between his gargantuan thighs for a face-to-crotch head scissor!? I had no idea that you could so decisively improve on perfection. Now, I love Mitch in charge and muscling around his opponents. But there's something entirely intoxicating about him tenaciously coming back for more, over and over, and getting completely devasted and made defenseless. This match rocks my wrestling kink world. Once it launches for the coach seats, I'll have much more to say on the matter.

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  1. Yea! Glad to see Z-Man crossing boundaries. He's in my current top three wrestlers, with Rio Garza and El Elegido. (Not that anyone asked or anything, not like I think that I'm so important that people needed to know that... 'kay that's all.)



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