Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Who You Know

While I have no regrets in having just handed the title belt of homoerotic wrestler of the month to Ace Hanson, it has to be said that in February 2011, Cameron Mathews was everywhere. Starting with making a surprise appearance as a reference in my interview with my favorite homoerotic wrestler - non-pornboy, Lon Dumont, every time I turn around I'm seeing images of Cameron.

Cameron Mathews v Rio Garza - Can-Am's Pro Bashed Triple Threat

Truth be told, that typically causes a drop in a homoerotic wrestler's stock as far as I'm concerned. I've gone on the record several times calling to task producers who are overexposing the fine, beautiful talent that we pay to enjoy. Give me steady diet of champagne and caviar and I'll be sick of it soon enough (sooner, really). But hearing from Lon that he and Cameron go way back, and in fact Lon trained Cameron in pro wrestling, softens me up a bit as I consider the omnipresence of Cameron. His ever beefier bod with tracks of sweat pouring down his gorgeous pecs as he applies a boston crab to Rio Garza for Can-Am's Pro Bashed Triple Threat, on the other hand, makes any hint of softness in me evaporate and a decided hardness come over me, instead.

Cameron Mathews v Donnie Drake - Can-Am's Pro Bashed Triple Threat

Cameron has got to be one of the hardest working hunks to climb into ring after ring after ring. He's got 20 times the energy level of almost any opponent I've seen him face. He's a "performer" in the very best and most respectful sense of the word. He's working his craft, toning his body, and selling story after story of a fierce, babyface gladiator with a razor wit and genetic lottery-winner of an ass going toe-to-toe to prove that he's not only the strongest, not only the most skilled, but he's also the most clever.

Cameron Mathews v Rio Garza - Can-Am's Pro Bashed Triple Threat

Can-Am tends to sell Cameron's cred as an indy pro veteran. Not only did he appear in Can-Am's "gay themed" release of Pro Bashed Triple Threat in February, he also showed up in their straight-up version of indy wrestling, Cyberfights, in Tag Team Battle 3. And true enough, Cameron clearly knows his way around a wrestling ring. He has an awesome understanding of his own body as well as the way to work over, immobilize, and inflict pain on the bodies of others. He sells every moment I've seen him on camera.

Cameron Mathews v Rocky Brick - Thunder's Arena's Mat Wars 25

And did I mention his ass? Yes? Well let me just repeat myself. Cameron's got the bubblest butt I've ever seen. I can marvel at the sight of his glutes for a long, long time without losing interest.

Cameron Mathews v Rocky Brick - Thunder's Arena's Mat Wars 25
He's got a clever-clown persona, particularly in his work with Thunder's Arena, such as their late February release of Mat Wars 25, that bridges the gap for me between an impressive wrestler and a hot wrestler. Delight is included in Cameron's range, along with ferocious and agonized and fearful and vicious. Too many hot homoerotic wrestlers skimp on the expression of delight, I think. Without some moments of expressed delight, the rest of a wrestling performance can come across a little more like constipation than competition. Cameron does not appear constipated. Like Lon, Cameron can chuckle at the sight of his opponent humbled. He can thrill to dominate and mug for the camera. It looks like he's not just punching the clock, but that in moments (perhaps not so much when he's getting his ass kicked and selling his agony), he's having fun.

Cameron Mathews v Billy Lodi - BGE Mat Brats 2

So for all he brings, and particularly for getting a nod of respect from my favorite homoerotic wrestler - non-pornboy, Cameron gets a pass on my typical bitching about a wrestler showing up in too many places at one time.

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