Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Money, the Car, the Fame

I'm always in awe of the serendipity in my ongoing delightful stroll through the libraries of homoerotic wrestling. Case in point: I had a hankering to see Reese Wells naked and suffering cock and ball battering in Ball Bash 2. That highly entertaining match reintroduced me to the particular joys of watching Jonny Firestorm relentlessly on the attack. So I was pleased to enjoy Jonny's latest release, starring in both matches in Pros in Private 8.

Both of these matches appear to be from a few years back, when Johnny was ripped to shreds and awesomely veiny. In the recurring debate over body types, Jonny often pops up in discussion as having fierce fans of him looking smooth, hard, and sporting zero bodyfat, or, conversely, looking hairy, big and beefy. As with many things, I consider myself blessed to be versatile. I'll enjoy him either way, and there's nothing at all wrong with Jonny with veiny, shredded thighs and six pack abs.  I'm also a pushover for a thick, tough guy accent, which Jonny brings with him regardless of his BMI.

Again, serendipity strikes, as I'm loving my introduction to Rudy Cortez. I've stumbled across pics of Rudy before, but his pics just don't capture his sexiness-in-motion. In particular, Rudy possesses an incredible ass that absolutely hypnotizes me as he wrestles. When I can tear my eyes away from his glutes, I'm also appreciative of Rudy's handsome face and, most of all, his awesome athleticism. Like Jonny, Rudy is clearly an accomplished amateur wrestler who does a fantastic job of translating his skills into a pro ring.

Both Rudy and Jonny are pretty understated characters, by my estimation. They're both eerily cool and confident, of few words, and emotionally ranging primarily between fierce and suffering. This is Jonny's match from start to finish, though. Not that this isn't a fantastically competitive confrontation, but the moment that Jonny strolls in, looking like a souped up version of a 17 year-old skater boy, explaining that he came to BG East for the money, the car, and the fame... from that point on, this story just seems to me to be all about Jonny.

Watching two highly skilled, hot young hardbodies throw, slam, squeeze and fly like this is awesomely entertaining and, what's more, a major, major turn on for me. This match is one of those that has me frequently gasping in appreciation and wonder and breathless, over and over again. This is also one of those products lawyers should require come with the caution, "Don't try this at home," because these boys are nothing if not professional drivers on a closed course.

They both bend and bounce like rubber, putting each other's bodies on beautiful display. These are classically gorgeous bodies locked in class pro wrestling. Jonny turns on the gas about two-thirds of the way through, relentlessly climbing back on top over and over to beat Rudy further and further into the mat. It reaches that point where I have to ask myself if Jonny will be satisfied with anything less than Rudy's broken neck. In the end, watching Jonny work so hard for every single inch against Rudy, it leaves me wondering how Jonny feels about "the dream" these days, now that he's tasted "the money, the car, the fame."

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