Thursday, March 10, 2011

Playing Hooky

Members of the Sidelineland wrestling fiction group will have received a notice by now that I posted a new story there. For newcomers, Sidelineland is site for any original wrestling fiction that you'd like to share. I've posted a lot of my own diversions there. Anything that doesn't really fit in the Producer's Ring universe, I drop over at Sidelineland. Several other contributors have also posted materials, including a sweet, ballsy challenge from Bearhugs a while back. He started a story featuring young, dumb, hopeful Shane angling to call in a favor from an old high school buddy in order to break into the local pro wrestling scene.

Shane from "Shane's Big Break"

I want to say again how hot I think it is to get a writing challenge like that. I'd love to see more of that, and not just challenging me. There are a ton of good writers on the Sidelineland list, and many, many more of you have mentioned planning to submit a story than actually have (consider this your Lenten discipline). Anyway, it turns out, Shane's old "buddy" from high school, Neil, has ulterior motives in mind when he offers to give Shane his big break in the pro wrestling biz.

Neil from "Shane's Big Break"

Neil unleashes some nasty brutality on his old buddy, working Shane into a slobbering, jelly legged mess. Worse still, Neil hoists Shane over his shoulder after the match is over and hauls the battered boy back to the locker room for more intimate punishment. That's where Bearhugs handed it off to me. I had a blast writing part 2 a couple of months ago, in which Shane and Neil are signed to make big bucks for some first-class ticket holders who get to stand ringside, once the unwashed masses have left, and call the shots. They get to choreograph their own kinks with, understandably enough, Neil dominating with his body builder physique, getting worshipped, muscling Shane around like so much furniture, and then finally fucking his old buddy in the center of the ring. When all is said and done, Shane has a pocket full of cash and his signature on the line for at least another 3 months in the biz.

Mikey from "Shane's Big Break - Part 3"

I really have other things I'm supposed to be working on right now, but I'm feeling some resentment about my work obligations. In other words, I'm easily distracted. As a result, I pretended to be working yesterday afternoon when I was, in fact, writing chapter 3 to Shane's Big Break - "Home Town Hero." With fear and trembling and a hole burning in his pocket, Shane returns to the wrestling promotion a week later. To his immense relief, promoter Joey has decided that Shane needs some redemption and a lot more legitimacy in the ring if he's going to be able to milk a storyline for him for 3 months. As a result, Shane is matched up with the former lightweight champ, Mikey, who's just returned from an injury hiatus. Mikey is a pro, and he's happy to give the rookie the spotlight and the three count victory. Shane is on cloud-nine. He's intoxicated with the turn of the crowd to rally behind a cute-if-dumb new babyface. He's soaking in the fan-worship with hot little hardbody Mikey writhing on the ground beneath him. And then Neil shows up to keep it real.

Full credit where credit is due: Shane and Neil are Bearhugs' intellectual property (I have no idea where he found the pics for them, so I have no idea whose property those are). I've introduced a couple of new characters that I've sketched out on my own for chapter 3, including Mikey (pictured above, pic snagged from nameless Fight Planet archives), and a heavyweight veteran who goes by Dino the Greek, which, it turns out, is actually BG East's intellectual property, as they have a rookie by that name in a new release. I had no idea from where in my subconscious I'd pulled that name, but it turns out, it wasn't all that deep in my subconscious at all.

Anyhoo... I'm really, really supposed to be working again now. I hope fans of the homoerotic wrestling fiction will enjoy the third chapter in Shane's Big Break, and I hope to see more ballsy, literary smack down challenges like Bearhugs' in the future.


  1. Part 3 was outstanding! Can't wait to see what happpens with Mikey in Part 4!

  2. Thanks, sportwrestle. I'm enjoying Mikey's character, as well.



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