Sunday, April 17, 2011

Name That Ass

Topher has been earning excellent marks lately in these weekly quizzes. I find myself struggling to pitch each new challenge just right, hard enough to make Topher work for it, but not so hard that others will be discouraged. As I wrestle with how to deal with Topher blowing the curve, here's the newest edition of Name That Ass. You know the concept. Scare evidence and a couple of hints... tell me whose gorgeous glutes these are. This week I've added the novelty of making it a theme set. These are all prime beef rookie asses, if you buy my working definition of a rookie as being a wrestler who's appeared in no more than 3 matches. Name the opponents that these boys face for extra credit. Feel free to post answers and work together on this open book challenge. As always, have fun!

Ass #1:
This one should be easy for anyone who reads this blog with any regularity. I have this rookie's next match (it would be #4) lined up in the fantasy world in which I schedule who wrestles whom. He's too damn pretty to stand, which means that I will likely forever yearn to see him job or, potentially, he could develop into a major league narcissist heel (which he starts to tap into in the match from which this pic comes). I love that with all that ridiculous prettiness, he sports a hairy ass. 5'8", 155 pounds of shredded beef, eyelashes of a runway model, and if those eyebrows come that way without aggressive plucking, I'm a monkey's uncle.

Ass #2: 
I haven't talked about this rookie or his ass on my blog, but Joe has. I have it on my to-do list to watch one of this boy's 2 matches currently for sale. I wouldn't be surprised to see him show up in a Name That Tat quiz someday. 5'9", 185 pounds, sinister looking goatee, but with a smile that can be described as nothing short of adorable. In this match, he's facing a veteran with an unbelievably long wrestling resume. Good luck, rookie!

Ass #3:
This is another rookie ass that I haven't yet mentioned on my blog, despite this homoerotic wrestler definitely grabbing my attention in his one released match to date. However, he has appeared in one post, unnamed but linked and credited (which I try to do every chance I can). He's listed at 5'10" and 210 pounds of beautiful muscle. I'm a fan of any homoerotic wrestling rookie who shows up in his debut bare-assed and cock in hand, so I'm, indeed a fan of this rookie and his incredibly sexy, round ass.

 Ass #4:
Now I suspect things may be getting tougher for you. Unlike ass #3, there's nothing "round" about this homoerotic wrestling rookie's ass. It's angular and hard as a rock, built for function more than form, which frankly, makes its form that much sexier to me. He's billed at 6'0 and 155 pounds, but still he does not qualify for an eating disorder intervention in my book (at least not from where I'm sitting). He puts every ounce (and inch) to perfect use in his one and only published match to date, and he could very well also turn up in a future Name That Tat quiz. 

Ass #5:
I'm intending this ass to be the hardest to nail down, so to speak. As far as I know, he's appeared in exactly one homoerotic wrestling match (if someone knows of more, you must tell me where to find them!). I've only seen previews for his one and only match (it's on my to-own list, eventually), but from what I've seen, I would never, ever, ever have guessed that this wrestler is 6'2" and 200 pounds. Writhing on the mat and totally getting owned from start to finish by a classic heel makes this sweet- assed rookie look downright diminutive.

So don't be shy. Send me your answers by email or comment below. 5 correct answers gets you moved to the head of the class. 5 correct answers plus the names of their opponents will earn you a custom written piece of homoerotic wrestling fiction.

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  1. Ass #1: Chace La Chance, vs. Kieran Dunne (who I thought was moving out of jobberdom after his match with Rio Garza). I prefer Chace as the jobber, but that's because I usually prefer the people I like better to be the jobber. (Sadly, I don't see Brook Stetson jobbing anytime soon...)

    Ok, I know that one was practically a freebie, and it's the only one I know off-hand. The rest, I can't wait to find out!



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